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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
I have a 3 year old Skywatcher 12” Goto dob and my shroud only has 3 pvc struts sewn in at 120 degrees apart ie: they are positioned centrally between each of the 3 main truss Rods
When I bought the shroud 18 months ago , I found when the dob is fully extended that they don’t quite fit between the edges of the OTA tube , I had to pull them out and trim them shorter by 3 to 4mm

I can’t see how 4 struts would work ??
Check with your supplier !!
Unless they changed the design of the dob in the past couple of years ?

Hi Martin, thank you for your reply,
No my 10" is the same design as yours. Three main struts to extend it. The four pvc rods are all equally set apart which looks neat I suppose but doesn't line up well when you wrap it around. If they worked out to be two equally spaced on each side of the "long space" it work well but they don't. Half of them end up right next to the main strut or very close to it which is useless. They may as not be there.

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