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Tips for beginner with nice gear...

Hi folks,

I've been asked to mentor a guy in the UAE.
He's purchased a bunch of nice new gear but it seems that he has no experience!

Here's his gear -
Sky watcher triplet ED 80 telescope
Sky watcher AZ EQ6 pro mount
36 mm filter wheel 7 with chroma LRGB & 3 nm Ha, O2 and Si filters
Sky watcher 50 guide scope
Lacerta MGEN 3 autoguider and
Zwo 1600 mono pro cooled camera
Pegasus V2 also with all cables.

I'd like to help him out (if possible, I've not dealt with a completly new starter before!)
Can I ask anyone here who has experience with the ZWO 1600 mono & Pegasus unit for advice regarding best capture software, and thoughts on setting up the Pegasus?
(I'm assuming he's PC based.)


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