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After using these EPs for 3 weeks, the 15mm is emerging as my favourite.

I also own a 15mm DeLite which I find to be noticeably better when observing the Moon.

Last night, I used my 140mm SS Vixen last night to find some faint objects in Lupus and Norma using a 15mm DeLite. At the end of the season, I changed over to the 15mm StarGuider. There was not a huge difference. Yes, the view was not quite as good at the edge, but it was still very engaging.

Overall: The 25mm is proving to be a great navigation EP and excellent for sweeping. However, the view is a little bit below par once I stop sweeping.

18mm: I really like this EP almost as much as the 15mm. However, it is a bit close to the 15mm in magnification so often is bypassed.


12mm: Another very good EP, which I also like to use with a 2x barlow when more magnification is require.

8mm: Its ok, but I would rather reach for one of my Tak or Fuju orthos, which are nearly parfocal with the previous four EPs. (the 8mm & 5mm are not parfocal)

5mm: Much the same as with the 8mm, except that I find it a bit fiddley with eye placement compared to the rest of the range. I can not see myself using it very often.

My observing seasons often start slow, but if conditions are good, then I become more serious about using my good gear. I can see my seasons now starting with these 25 & 15mm EPs and going from there.
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