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Originally Posted by Adelastro1 View Post
Thanks guys. I'm even more confused now! The more I read the more FRs I find and the more conflicting info! I just want to find the best FR to use with a DSLR and a 12in Meade SCT.... why is it so hard??
The Meade & Celestron F6.3 reducers will work a treat. Just make sure you have the camera sensor at the correct distance from the reducer to optimise your reduction & field flattening.

The Alan Gee reducer looks nice and Celestron probably liked the idea so much they introduced a similar type in their Edge scopes. But the Alan Gee reducer is a bit of unknown and is not a field flattener. I also think there may be issues using this reducer with a crayford rear cell focuser...not sure though.

So best bet ATM is to stay with the Meade/Celestron reducers.
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