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Originally Posted by Adelastro1 View Post
Does anyone have any experience with the Baader Alan Gee Telecompressor Mark II (focal reducer/flattener) for SCTs? Just came across it while doing research into which FR to buy and it seems pretty good. Meade etc seem to have problems still by not completely flattening the field and also with focussing in some instances. I don't mind paying a bit extra if the quality is there - why skimp on a couple of hundred dollars with a set up worth thousands if you get better images! Would save a lot of time and frustration if it is indeed better than the standard ones. This also seems to have the added bonus of being able to attach bino viewers.


It certainly appears interesting. I do not think it's much of a field flattener but that said many other have said the same about the meade/Celestron 6.3Fl reducers as well.

From what I can see on the net it's results are excellent and field wise is no worse that the other aforementioned reducers.

I am after a reducer for a C8 as well and this obviously has to be right up there on the list.



Appears to be more info over at the SCT users group. A serch show lots of info on it. Some not so kind.

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