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HEQ5 Pro - Gear replacement

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this post does not land in the right group. I have this Skywatcher HEQ5-Pro mount for quite a while now, even though it's been very lightly used, it appears to have issue when pointing to WEST. I noticed the photos came out with stars duplicated (about 1cm apart on my 15" laptop screen).

I used PoleMaster for alignment and without tracking, it came out pretty good when pointing to North East or North. All photo are taken with 60s or 120s exposure.

I heard about tuning the gears or even replacing them and I really appreciate some advice on this topic, like what/where to buy, how to do or where to find someone providing this service. (I'm in Melbourne, so would prefer someone within reasonable driving distance.)

Thanks so much in advance and looking forward to hearing from the experts.

Best regards,
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