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Originally Posted by JA View Post
There is a huge difference in the atmospheric pressure at the surface of Mars (~0.6 kPa) compared to that of the Earth (~101.3kPa), i.e: ~170x greater atmsopheric pressure on Earth, which (under certain assumptions) relates also to differences in density factoring different temperatures in to the mix, via the Ideal Gas Law. As to the 35km question: If you travel high enough in our atmosphere you will reach a similar pressure.

Air temperature and surface temperatures are effected by radiant heat transfer. There is a good representation of this by a Scientist by the name of Trenberth (I think it was) who quantified the Earth's energy balance. I will see if I can find a link later.

Radiant heat is probably whats going on, I would guess, the equator being in direct sunlight rather than being tangentially exposed like the poles. Perhaps
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