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Originally Posted by ausastronomer View Post
Hi Dav,

To be honest I would hold off buying the OIII filter for the time being, unless money is of minor concern. True there are a few planetary Nebula the OIII filter works better on than the UHC filter, but those aren't too common. The Astronomiks UHC filter you have is a very high quality UHC filter and one of my favourite narrowband filters, along with the DGM Optics NPB filter. It is about as good a filter as you will find for planetary nebula IMO.

One of my observing colleagues, Andrew Murrell is one of the most skilled planetary nebula observers in the world. A few years ago he discovered a new previouly undiscovered planetary nebula now known as Murrell 1, in Norma. Up until two years ago Andrew didnt even own an OIII filter and only got the one he got two years ago, because someone else bought it for him. Otherwise, he still wouldn't own one as he doesn't use the one he has.

John B
Hi John,

Im a big fan of the UHC, i was just thinking that the OIII would clear some things up a bit more, but ive done a bit more reading, and it seems it would be pretty pointless as there's not a lot of difference between the two, and in my light-polluted skies, whatever difference there is wont be really obvious anyway.

Wow, discovering a PN would be great... It would be pretty cool to have something named after you up there... Although with my 12", i doubt im gunna find anything new anytime

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