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Over the nights of 27th and 28th, I put my new GSO OIII filter to the test on the following PN: NGC 5189, IC 4406, NGC 5882, NGC 6072, NGC 3918, NGC 5882, NGC 6818, NGC 6891, NGC 6369, M27, NGC 7009, NGC 6572, NGC 6751, NGC 6781 and NGC 6629.

The OIII filter made significant improvements on NGC 5189 (which I viewed before the sky was completely dark). I didn't compare filtered to non-filtered on all the objects though - I just left the filter in. NGC 7009 (Saturn Nebula) was the stand out but it didn't need the filter to be a good object.

There were some PN I failed to see even with the filter: NGC 6802, NGC 6879, IC 5148, IC 4406 and IC 4997. I will have to try them again some time. If anyone has luck with them with a small to medium scope: let me know please (8" or 10" - I don't need to know if a 16" can find them).
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