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Originally Posted by RickS View Post
Did you cover the end of the scope as well when you took the dark?

I found the source of the leak. There is a rubber ring that is sandwiched between the camera faceplate and body and antagonistic screws to adjust tilt as well. The ring is not a nice regularn O-ring but a short length of rubber tube with a plastic clamp holding it into a rough circular shape and when the camera is mounted to the SX filter wheel, there is a visible light gap under that ring. I have now reduced that gap from the manufacturer's starting setting of 95 thou down to 45 thou so the ring is more fully compressed and that may have solved that leak, but the remaining problems of the non-closing shutter and the RBI make this camera a total and very expensive dud. I am hoping that SX wil do the right thing. That have done so far inasmuch as they have actualy replaced camera 1 with camera 2, but from the serial numbers, the replacement is older that the first one and, if anything, has more problems that the first as well.

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