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Well things are moving along very nicely.

The van has been relocated to get some shade and although today was not particularly hot ordinarily the van would heat up as mild as it was...however not in its new spot with the annex removed...and the really neat thing is when I stand looking out I look over the large park like area which feels real good before the annex spoilt the view.
I will need to still make a car port for the van and the car but also to set up guttering for a water still stuff to do I guess.

It is closer to the dam now and between the van and the dam it is overgrown but getting on top of that should see me end up with a nice little area where I can drag up my little boat..I bought oars so soon I will go for a float..cant go anywhere but to enjoy a float you really dont need to...

I now have everything I believe, scope, mount, filters, drawers, power ...I do need a 40 mtr 15 amp extention lead to get to the genny in the electrical shed..but that is least until I put it all together...I hope I feet and hands are blistering badly because of the medication but I stopped it a couple of days ago and already my hands I could use..I the plan is to get everything set up and then resume the is a balancing act but I dont think I can do it any other way.

Soon I will move back into the van however at the moment it is a mess again cause of trying to find places for stuff to live.

OH a little I was working on the car port tightening ropes and fell over right on the ants nest ...I could not move for a while so just had to lay there but not one bite...they are really nice ants...finally I crawled to my car and was able to drag myself up by using the door handle...but it would have looked funny.

So after all this time I think I can say it is finished subject to adjustment and tidy ups...and a water supply..I did have one via the annex but it is no more..I do have a good tank so almost there.

Thanks to all who have followed my story.

By having this thread running it really helped me see my progress and helped keep me motivated under what I call rather difficult circumstances.

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