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Clear skies in Perth tonight.

From a 90% cloudy day to a cloudless night, fantastic.
Bortle 6 sky, Venus to my north, Jupiter and four moons straight up ( there's probably a technical term for that.)
I do need a filter for the CA though, even Jupiter was badly effected.
I got my 10x50 findersope reattached to my frac today and also my 10x50 bino's onto a tripod.
Bino's are so much easier to scan the sky than swinging the EQ mount around.

Saw a fuzzy cluster below Sagittarius so l zoned in on it, no idea what l was looking at. I made a sketch and will get a good star map and work it out, it was a very distinctive pattern, not M6 or M7, this Newby will just have to do some homework.
Great to understand how to set up my EQ mount to SCP, makes tracking and the whole night so much easier and way more fun.
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