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Originally Posted by AdamJL View Post
how do you add the duo-band as a luminance layer? Very interested to hear that.

It's a fine image, regardless. Lovely star colour
Thanks. I've yet to actually attempt it, but APP has the functionality.

Originally Posted by Baobab View Post
very nice, but can I have whatever you smoking so I get such colors with my 533mc too? Like it a lot but for now I am trying to keep my results as "real" as possible - art will come later I hope.
Not sure what colours you deem "real" for this nebula, but I didn't really touch them much. The final stack came out with a strong green cast (which is not real), introduced either by light pollution or the filter, I am not sure. I corrected the green cast using the star colour calibration tool in APP and got these colours. It's a colour camera using a broadband filter, so aside from removing the green cast I really didn't need to do much to the colour.
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