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[QUOTE=AG Hybrid;1519343]Pentax XW - which I assume your talking about, is 70 degrees sensibly identical to the delos. The Nagler zoom is 3-6mm and really far from a top choice with its 50 degree field of view and its enormous 10mm of eye relief all for the low low price of $650. Its going to get its max use with a short focal length refractor like a TV85 or TV60. But a 150mm F8. Its zoom range will be mostly unusable.

Yes I was referring to the Pentax XW range. I was writing the field of view form memory and yes its 70 degrees which is for my view, about the narrowest I would like to go.

I mentioned the Nagler 3-6 zoom as it regularly comes up in peoples' listing of their top 10 favourite eyepeices. I had one once. It was good but agree its limited.

I got a SvBony 7-24 zoom that is quite good and quite cheap. So that is a possible cheaper alternative to a Hyperion.

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