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wide view at $150


Getting a wide view 2" eyepiece in your budget would be a good ask. And an often asked one, so, I'll give my 2cents worth and throw the cat amongst the pigeons.

If you can find one, a 2nd hand APM UW 20mm 80degree. Main reason for the 20mm is it came with a 1.5 2" barlow lens you can remove to have a 30mm. Two ep's for a fair price I'd guess.

This is based solely on the fact you have a F8 scope and not what I would suggest if you were to ever migrate to a faster scope.

But, APM UW 30mm is $99 euro new to your door just about less VAT + postage etc. That's damn close to $150 for a new wide field ep.

It would be nice to see what else comes in around that price range for a 2degree FOV ep new.

Ps. Bang for buck for ep's at $150 each maybe -

1) $50 TBM II something between .8-1.2mm exit pupil, so 6-10mm read the reviews to see whats best
2) $80 BST StarGuider etc 15mm - nice useable eye relief and exit pupil
3) $160 APM UW 30mm 80degree - Not a keeper but something useable till you save and decide to spend $$$.

That's two good ep's and a useable third for $300 or so.

The Baader Zoom 8-24mm is 68-48degree, that wide field is at high mag where you need it if your chasing fast moving planets. $375 new, wait for 2nd hand imho its worth two $150 ep's. The ability to zoom in to frame is really nice, I have a vixen zoom, great ep but plossl FOV.

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