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As people have stated at F8, you have a fairly forgiving telescope on eyepieces. Unless you have a desire for extra wide view ep's you will have plenty of good choices. What's been suggested here are good ep's that should last you a while.

Keep in mind that you are unlikely to find one line that suits all your viewing needs. You can have some real pearls and clangers in the same line up.

I base my eps' on what I tend to look at most;
- one where I want the maximum mag on a full moon .6 degrees,
- one at max field 2 degrees in my case at 30mm and 80 degree fov,
- one high mag with good light scatter control, this is for the bright planets/star splitter,
- a zoom used to look at fuzzy's from the 30mm.

Factor in exit pupil on your selections, at f8 - 12mm/18/24mm will give you 1.5mm/2+/3mm exit pupils, somewhere between 2-4mm is said to be optimal for comfort.

Eye relief, you have the two plossl's, there is a mile of difference in the eye relief they provide. If you find the 10mm a little harder to use, you may want to think about ep with good eye relief - (15mm-20mm). (A $19 plossl will tell you a lot about what eye relief you are looking for.)

Ps. Link below is handy, shows up some nice eyepieces that are within your price range here in Oz. But as they say YMMV.

Pps. I'd aim for 60-70degree ep's generally if your on a push dob.,15700201

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