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Good morning and welcome to IIS!

That's a nice optic you have there, I use one occasionally and it always pleases. Sharp, forgiving and portable. However, eyepieces being the interface with the observer are the second-most subjective thing after the observer themselves. Expect to find lots of info, and not all of it consistent. I'm lucky in that I have access to a range of good eyepieces, and the best ones for the 6" f/8 for me have been:

The 32mm Televue Plossl
The 24mm Explore Scientific 68
The 16mm Explore Scientific 68
The 9mm Astro Hutech Abbe Ortho
The 6mm Fujiyama Abbe Ortho

Astro Hutech and Fujiyama brands are interchangeable for all intents and purposes.

But, in response to your question, a Superview should also work well given the relaxed focal ratio. Use above focal lengths as a guide when selecting. Perhaps start with the 16mm and 6mm brackets a mm here or there won't matter all that much.

Filter wise, a UHC is nice but OIII I find slightly more useful when there's a need for filtering.

Adapting the scope I use to 2" is a pain, so I haven't actually used any 2" eyepieces with this telescope.

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