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aiming for 2nd Halley's

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capillaries, veins, and arteries

High res version worth a look given the fine detail.

This area isnt the brighest part of the SN remnant, but looking at the NASA skysurvey images it did look complex and interesting... and I'm pleased how much of that interest comes out here, first thought was like a red silken spider web coming apart, or capilliaries, veins and arteries... maybe I've been watching too much true crime on youtube, but it also looks horrifyingly a bit like the aftermath of a violent crime.

This is 7hours of the better (guiding not great) 300s exposures I gathered over three partially cloudy nights only imaging this in the early evening. Ended up unintentionally with almost twice the Ha as OIII but seems to bring out the fine red filigree detail well.

Stacked, then HOO combined and pre-processed in APP with some selective colour adjustment then into PS for some selective mask work to bring out colour and detail a little more.
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