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Model Building

It started with this one. Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket. Airfix kit.
I had long wanted an Apollo 11 model that broke down into the individual stages I II & III, command /service modules, and lunar excursion module

I saw this kit here on IIS Classifieds. Thanks Julian (Starfire) Nov 2019.
After that, and especially during Covid, searching for and constructing further kits has been a good diversion and past time. (definitely helped my mental health issues).

I now have over 26 models, Full rocket sets and individual command capsules.
Including the full moon shot range:
Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas, Gemini Titan, Apollo Saturn 1B, anfd Apollo Saturn V. In various scales and configurations. Plus a Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Now I am just venturing outside the USA.
I have a Russian Vostok rocket and a Soyuz capsule to build and a Chinese Long March rocket in the queue.

(guess I still need to work on my OCD)
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