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I have never noticed it as an issue either using it in Alt-Az as I used to visually, or EQ mode since I took up AP. But in EQ mode I am using SGP and EQMOD and let it do it's own thing to point at targets (Which it rapidly does, usually on the first plate solving iteration, or after a flip, maybe two) But, I am currently imaging at 370mm which is very forgiving and even using the SCT I am nearly a full meter short of your FL.

In RA I was able to find a backlash compromise that does not exhibit any noticeable play and without binding, not so much in Dec.

Perhaps I should rephrase, for anything I have used my mount for I would not see a benefit. Unfortunately they replied (I asked) that it is not suitable for the AZEQ mounts anyway. I have not had the parts of the two side by side to see so I cant comment there, and they apparently don't (At least currently) have any plans for a Dec axis equivalent part.
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