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On the AZEQ6 zero backlash in RA would be very helpful.

First, in equatorial mode, even though most will have it set up to have one side heavy, this reverses sides when the mount passes the meridian (more or less). If this occurs during the initial alignment routine it introduces a significant error.

Secondly during GOTOs if it flips across the meridian you bet your bippy it creates a big error.

Thirdly, when the mount is set up altaz mine has a slight wobble in azimuth which is due to the backlash. It affects alignment and GOTOs.

While many using shorter focal lengths may not notice or care much, on my scopes (3100 or 3200 FL) with a half degree max field of view it’s quite noticeable.

In dec the he same problem arises in equatorial mode, thoug( in altaz mode it’s irrelevant as generally I make sure It’s loaded slightly to one end.
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