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Some folks believe that because their guide camera has an ST-4 output this makes for more responsive
guiding. However this would only be the case if the camera itself is performing the autoguiding algorithm. If
the ST-4 port on the camera is simply controlled by the camera's driver and that the PC must first
communicate with the camera to initiate ST-4 signals then there really is no advantage other than possibly
tidier wiring.
In summary there is no reason why ST-4 guiding should offer any significant performance increase
compared to ASCOM Pulse Guiding. However the implementation of both methods is highly vendor specific.
For the Synta mounts using the EQASCOM driver and a PC based autoguiding program you are unlikely to
notice any difference in the responsiveness of ST-4 and ASCOM Pulse Guiding
After a meridian flip you need to recalibrate because
the whole mechanical system has changed especially
if you have deliberately slightly unbalanced the counterweight shaft.
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