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Originally Posted by bird
Sounds like a good test!

I'm also travelling with my scope for a week or so up to my home town of Glen Innes, home of dark skies and good seeing (well, I hope!).

At least I'll be away from the low night cloud of Canberra for a week or so...Leaving this Thursday, getting back next Friday.

Is your lovely wife with the great name going as well.

By the way, i got the peltier cooler happening on the .6mm alu, and will now dismantle yours.

I am pricing up aluminium section to make a tube so that it dismantles into 4 pieces. I hope to have a baby bird before next year.

By the way, if you had your time again, and you want your image scale, would you go down the sct or rcx trail, or would you custom build again. I have looked at the options and I believe for portability, coolability, $$$$ ability, then custom tube and cooling will be my best bet.
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