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While you may see the mount go a little past the meridian (And so, counterweights up by a small amount) for some photography purposes, or even for visual use, a flip should send it back the other way so it should end up with the counterweights just below the axis on the west side of the mount, not above the axis.

Are you using CDC to control the mount directly via an ASCOM driver? I have never used CDC to control slews so I have no idea how it behaves. But still, if you used EQMOD as an intermediary, unless the mount sync got messed up somehow, so long as you switch on mount limits EQMOD should stop the mount for safety. Mine was set up to allow it to track as far past the meridian as safe before something was going to crash into my pier and stop it there as for imaging I wanted to be able to track through the meridian for up to an hour.

That is one aspect of my new CEM70G mount that I really like, I might damage the mount if I get things messed up badly enough but the physical stops mean that my scope and camera physically can not be crashed no matter where I try to point them.
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