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Sbig stl11000m

Give me an honest offer and I will consider it. And for those who boo hoo this, too bad. I'm not aiming for my next deposit on any sheep station from these proceeds.

Up for offer is my SBIG STL-11000M, including the standard internal 5 position filter wheel. Purchased 11/03/2013 from ATS, I’m the original owner. This has been a solid performer, with a recent visit to SBIG USA in June 2019 for a service [piggy backed this STL with my STXL11k which needed work], where Bill sent the camera back to me in an air tight sealed bag, then bubble wrapped and then stored in a dark and dry cupboard.

It was a shame to open it from its enclosure, but I did, placing it on my study desk for a test run. I had it running all Sunday to Monday morning [24-25 Nov 2019], cooling holding at -20c, with the ambient room temp being 21c [at roughly 85%-91% power use]. I took a picture our thermostat, the camera on my study desk, and my screen view of the camera status from Maxim [see pictures…]. Previously, this camera has been above average for cooling by comparison to other STL cameras in the field.

I have taken a series of darks for any potential buyers to see and test. These are the raw frames, not masters or edited in anyway, in FITS format [Maxim DL 5.24]. The files produced by this camera have always been consistent, no wandering columns or any crazy effect. These darks are the latest made by the camera and are a good example showing a very stable and reasonable chip. This camera has not had a hard life, being used infrequently and carefully stored when not used.

Dark Zip File [x8 subs, 84MB]:

Just to say the Captain Obvious…
This camera is full frame, including 9 micron pixels. Anyone knowing instrument speed is an equation including pixel size means in this case the pixel size here is nearly twice as big as most currently available, equating to like 2x2 binning speed increase by comparison to a 5 micron pixel chip. The STL has produced some of the worlds best and most famous images and excels in LRGB and Ha. SII and OIII are less sensitive, but with a little more exposure time this can be overcome.

What is included…
I have the associated 2”nose piece, the SBIG 240vAC power supply, some old manuals, some of the screws that hold the filters in, plus fibre and plastic washers [some from the STXL, but the same thing], the rear handles [x2], and the SBIG Pelican case. You can easily download the drivers like I did on the weekend with the tests being done on a Windows 10 PC [Sorry MAC guys].

I’d be happy to show anyone interested the unit working, filter and shutter wheels turning with no strange noises. Just PM me for a time.

All the best,

Steve Mohr
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