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To bring this review up to date, I would just like to add that I added a light-weight Rigel Quickfinder over a year ago to help get things in the fov of my 6x30 finder in my light-polluted skies. This was a good move.

I also had a 4" long counterweight bar extension made up which allowed me to get better balance. This meant I could take off the thin lead sheet and the counterweight now sits at about 110% of its original length, just past the end of the unmodified counterweight bar.

Batteries seem to last a very long time, (I'm only using my third set) so perhaps I am not getting out often enough.

Using the scope to view things directly south (now I have moved a few trees) is a nuisance at higher angles as the controls tend to hit the mount legs but that is life.

Finally, I recently used the scope on hard compacted pea-gravel surface and the vibrations were astonishing. I should have broken up the surface a bit I suspect. Still I definitely prefer lawn.

Overall the scope continues to provide reasonable views of planetary objects , some Nebula, and many Globulars.

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