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Originally Posted by 04Stefan07 View Post
The most I have done is put an orange/yellow filter on the image (because of my solar filter the sun comes out white). Could anyone share or give me some advice on improving some images?
White light solar images usually have lots of granulation detail - but the detail is all bunched up in the highlights. Try playing around with the curves to see if you can bring out the granulation and sunspot detail, without over-darkening the limb or blowing the highlights.

I also would like to have one image showing all the positions of Venus, I do have Registax but have no idea how to use it properly (the tutorials on youtube arnt too helpful either).
Recent versions of Photoshop have an auto-align function (I've never used it), but I believe you can get Registax to output each frame post-alignment (again I've never used it). Once you have a sequence of frames properly aligned, you can add them as layers to the same image and choose a "darken" blending mode.
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