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Early this year saw the process of reporting Supernova and some transient discoveries change yet again.
This time to an automated system called The Transient Name Server, allowing for the massive amount of data automated professional surveys are now and will in future be presenting. It also assists in lessening inevitable duplication of discovery. Many surveys have adopted the new system but some seem reluctant to....

Below is the intro blurb to TNS along with links to the TNS, The Bright Supernova Page and the ever useful Minor Planet Checker & Variable Star Checker.

The Amateur Supernova Hunter times are changing/evolving as they did from the visual discoveries by the great Rev Bob Evans to the CCD searches from the likes of BOSS and others to the point now that we use our telescopes/computers to confirm images taken by more highly organised groups like ASASSN

The science of Astronomy moves on and as such so should the role of the amateur, whom I believe still has an important part to play albeit in a different way.

"As of January 1, 2016 the Transient Name Server (TNS) is the official IAU mechanism for reporting new astronomical transients such as supernova candidates. Once spectroscopically confirmed, new supernova discoveries are officially designated a SN name (of the form SN 2016A and so on, as before).

This is a continuation of the IAU naming scheme for supernovae which was handled by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams until the end of 2015, and has been approved as the official IAU naming scheme by the IAU Executive Committee from 1st January 2016.

Variable stars, including in particular Galactic nova candidates, should be reported in the same manner as before. Please do not submit reports regarding such objects to this web application.

This service is provided by the IAU supernova working group, free of charge to registered users, who can also choose to receive automated email alerts regarding new discoveries."

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