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Alternate Site

Originally Posted by erick
Hi Allan,
Thanks again for the days at Bretti.
I headed back to the place where I had spent the night in transit:
Bulga Campground -32.65411485413652, 151.018992210275

I had two great nights observing there, getting back home this evening. I think that the group might wish to look at this location. It is a large recreation ground with a cricket pitch which seems to be no longer used. I think it is supposed to be limited stay only, but there were three permanent campers around the boundary. I found a quiet spot from which I could see only two street lights. I put one which was about 100m away behind my van and the second was maybe 300m away and did not distract. A few other quiet campers - some smoky fires. No other lights of significance. The sky at Bretti was 21.7 on my meter, Bulga was 21.2. Not quite as dark and there was a light dome to the East from a distant Newcastle and the closer Singleton. But to the South and West the skies where good. Two clean flushing toilets, picnic tables. BBQs.

Best wishes, Eric
Thanks Eric,
We enjoyed sharing the skies with you.
YES! This Bulga site looks good.
And its considerably closer, being just 126k from Wyong and about 90 minutes away. (Bretti is about 240k and 3hrs)
As it is inland a bit, it might not suffer from as much dew as Bretti also.

The link you posted also included info on Jerry's Plains free camp. Jo and I have stayed there several times and it too would be worth consideration. (Flushing toilet and dump point) Although proximity to the Golden Highway may detract a little.

Worth a try
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