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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Yes I was very lucky to capture the whole thing uninterrupted by clouds.
I'm slowly putting my brain back in gear trying to remember what I did in 2014 for registration and I just remembered this morning. If you have PixInsight there is a script called FFT Registration that will take one reference image and batch register a whole directory and output to FITS 16 bits. So you can feed it TIFF files.

All you do after is use another script which is the BatchFormatConversion and output to TIFF files. You can then load that as a time sequence in any video package and you'll have a nice steady video.
thanks Marc I actually had a timelapse from 2014 too (also affected by cloud)- yes i've got pixinsight but haven't really used it yet I was just looking up how to convert cr2 to tiff (on linux - new to that too) - have stumbled upon RawTherapee but i suppose pixinsight could probably do it all in one hit

- looking forward to your timelapse!

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