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Originally Posted by DJT View Post
Hi Suave
I will update the CFF thread I have in equipment and keep this clear. Suspect theres a reason why Peter wants to see GSO images with the 16.

Also wondering if the success they have with mirrors on the 8 and 10" has been replicated on the larger ones
I have used both the GSO RC8 and RC10 telescopes, liked the 8, but found the mechanicals of the 10 to be under engineered.

Scaling up to a RC16 is not a trivial exercise...hence was looking for examples of how well GSO have executed this, given their exceptional pricing...and to be frank..did the old addage of "you get what you pay for" still apply?

Putting GSO optics into a CFF (or any third party OTA) gives no insight at all to the OEM product's performance....but if doing so can deliver good performance at an affordable price point, then kudos to those that took that approach

All that is however a little moot unless you use a mount can move the considerable payload that comes with a 0.4 metre aperture, with a good deal of accuracy and rigidity.

All that said...there seem to be very few GSO RC16 images on the web, thus leaving myself and I'm sure other interested punters none the wiser.
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