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For a digicam to be suitable for astrophotography, it needs the following:

a) Manual settings for exposure
b) Manual settings for ISO
c) Manual settings for shutter
d) Manual settings for focus (infinity, etc)
e) A bracket to hold the camera in

Are you looking to use it for lunar/planetary imaging, or deep space? Because if it's deep space, the requirements are a bit more, including the ability to set the shutter to 30s or more.

Also, what scope do you want to use it with? As per (e), you'll need a bracket to hold the camera up to the eyepiece. That is, with a digicam with a fixed lens, you can only do afocal photography, not prime focus. So you'll need an eyepiece in the scope and have the camera pointing into it.

I don't know the specs of the Kodak you're talking about (and i'm too lazy to google it), but if it can do the things above then it should be fine.
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