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SAC 4.2 First impressions

Guys....I just received a SAC 4.2 which I had testing last night for only an hour....I am very impressed with it...firstly some info.

SAC 4.2 is a 1/2" chip 1.3mp planetery camera with a Rezolution of 1280 x 1024 max and runs on USB2. no other power supply used....just USB.

Sensativity is .3Lux 10bit colour.

I will be testing this against the others like toucam and LPI for guiding in Brisbane.


Its lightweight and air cooling(small fan)
Has 3 sensativity settings
Large 1/2" format chip
High Rez 1.3MP 3 times that of a toucam.
Easy to use.
Comes with 1 1/4 adapter and software
Very sensative camera.
From 1ms to 1 second exposures.
Affordable at $229USD


Looks to only work with software provided. Astrovideo
Air cooled is useless with such a small fan would do nothing to cool.
Tested it out on the moon last night and at it's lowerst 1ms exposure setting was still to sensative on the ED80.

look forward on testing it out primarily for guiding then as a planetary camera.

More to come as tested.
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