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Originally Posted by captain3081
I was very excited about my first attempt.

26mm GS 2" with the kit lens.

Using prime focus, is there any chance of snapping saturn, or is it useless without guiding?
excited right back at you!

that is very sharp focus, well done!!!

as for saturn, give it a go, are you set up for prime focus with the 350d??

i estimate you will get 25x, which will mean quite a small saturn, but at least you can get a fair few shots off before it leaves the field of view.

can you set the camera to keep taking images, ie movie mode???

otherwise, you will have to try and take a shot through the 9mm eyepiece like you did with the 26mm and the moon.

it takes a bit of practise, but make sure the guide scope is lined up properly and then see it you can work out where saturn travels across the cross hairs. that way you can lign up saturn to come across the field of view in say 10 seconds, grab the camera, put it to the eyepiece and try and get a focus.

do this a few times and then once focus is achieved, takes as many pics as you can before it is out of your field of view.

best of luck

hows bubs???
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