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Originally Posted by captain3081
Thanks Paul. I don't even know what FOV is all about (I think it means field of view).
yep field of view.

I just want to be able to take a photo of what I see through the lens, to keep a history of my viewing.
I think you might have included 99% of astroimagers

I know how much detail I can see of Jupiter with my 9mm EP, so I would like to compare this the canon at prime focus. (ie will it be more than a tiny blob.)
It will only be small, but on a good night with the right exposure it can still look good.

Not sure what you mean about the increase of 1.6 to 50x mag. Are you talking about DSLRs being smaller sensor compared to 35mm?

As I understand it, the canon chip will give an equivalent magnification boost of 1.6X to your imaging system compared to 35mm film.
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