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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
I found a baffled long dew tube helped greatly...see my reply in Equipment Discussions..thread "Light Scatter"...
Try a piece of rolled up cardboard say 2 foot painted black inside to give you an idea of the effect..if it seems to work make a tube of greater diameter and put in baffles...I sincerely believe it works but have no before and after shots to illustrate my presumed effectiveness...
Also I like to cover the camera and focuser with some black cloth just in case there is a "light" leak.
Thanks Alex. I too have found light leakages in focusers and other optical train elements. And like you, I do tend to throw a light (but dark) cloth over that end of the system. It helps a lot. I'll give the long dew tube idea a run. Flocked on the inside. Making the baffles will make the flocking interesting. I've never tried that.
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