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I have the QHY294m and had the ASi183m Pro.

As far as a comparison between these 2, the 294 has a larger field of view plus the flexibility of the 47mp mode. I have only used it though in the 11mp mode so at this stage can't comment apart from the fact QHY had issues in 47mp with banding. I believe this was fixed in a firmware upgrade but I can't confirm that.

I did not have banding in 11mp mode. QE is super high. The 183 also has high QE but the 294's is a bit higher.

Amp glow is a little worse in the 294 compared to the 183. The 183 just had amp glow on the right side. The 294 has amp glow on the right hand side and a little bit on the left side.

In 11mp mode I had no trouble and everything cleaned up nicely with callibration.

Either sensor is great but the 294 is larger so that wins out for me.
Its also potentially more flexible assuming the reported banding issue is fixed. ASI294 was also reporting banding in 47mp mode.

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