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Anyone using the ASI294 mm? (moving to Mono)

Hi Folks,
Anyone using the ASI294 mm Pro? Would be interested in your experience and also any comparison to the ASI183 mm Pro. Particularly interested in the use of Bin 1 Mode (small pixels) as I use Esprit 100. The ASI2600mm is outside my price range.

The Bin1 and Default Bin2 mode appears to offer the ability to use both long and short FL. It aslo has a wider field of view than the ASI183 and the ability for me to keep the 1.25" filters.

According to ZWO Unlocked Bin1 gives: 12bit ADC, 2.3um pixel size, 47 megapixels, 8288*5644 resolution, 14k full well capacity

Saw this review at

Many thanks

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