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PEC for Losmandy G11

I have often wondered if PEC would be worth the effort for my Losmandy G11.
I took the plunge and purchased PEMPro 3. Not inexpensive, but seems to have good reviews.
With PEMPro 3 I can use my QSI camera via Sequence Generator Pro, which was not possible with previous versions.
I have attached two PHD log files. I think you can tell which is before PEC and which is after.
I had never assumed PEC would turn my Losmandy G11 into a $20,000 mount, but it has made a difference. You can see this in the PEAK figures. I think the major difference will be much smoother guiding.
So, a good $240 spent, and a nights work for me to set it up.
Good to see some clear sky here on Sydney's Northern Beaches.
Very rare these days.
Cheers Greg.
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