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Hi Adam,
Yes, Sony sensor are today very good, but I think that Canon still have good sensors too, especially at high ISO setting and low readout noise. In Sweden we don't have that problem with the temperature, we can only observe in the winter and then it's somewhere -20 C to 0 C degrees.

Nowadays I don't take any darks or bias frames, solve the static pattern problem with dithering. It works fine with modern cameras with low static pattern and low ampglow.

I have seen used Canon RP at lowest for 700 Euro. Another very interesting mirror less camera is the Fujifilm 50R, it's a Sony medium format sensor in that camera. But then I have reached the cost of a monochrome ASI 6200mm full frame astro camera.

One big problem I have with my Canon DSLR camera is dust and dirt on the sensor. It's so deep down in the opening that it's very difficult to get it clean, I also get a lot of dry stain on the sensor after every clean. I have tried a lot of different cleaners and now I do my own from Isopropanol.

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