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Originally Posted by sunslayr View Post
From what I understand Astronomik and Astrodon make some of the best filters a long with Baader. I don't think there is much to gain with expensive LRGB filters though narrowband is where that extra cash makes a difference.
For now, the three options are: Astrodon, Chroma and Astronimik, Chroma is cheaper than Astrodon now and it is in same level of Astrodon, Astronomik is almost there, i am talking about LRGB only here, someone well respected imager just recently gave up his Astrodon and stayed with Astronomik and he said that Astronomik did better job for him, so that he no longer care to keep Astrodon filters, at least for one setup he has, now for me to finish my filters set i have to take this into consideration, and his Astronomik LRGB filters are next to his Astrodon NB filters, i already have NB filters of high quality, only remaining is LRGB for same size.
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