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I want to thank everyone for the advice. It looks like I'll be going with the 8.8mm ES and I'll then get a barlow down the track for perfect conditions when I'm out. I'm very happy to say that last night was a big improvement. I was out till late and started looking for Saturn when I was again disappointed by the small image with no definition. Then I decided to just look in the area with the finder scope and investigate anything a little bright. And suddenly I saw Saturn! In the 25mm, it was a small disc with clear separation of the band around it. Moving up to the 15mm and finally the 9mm, I got an excellent clear look. I couldn't see any separation in the rings though. Could this be down to the conditions or perhaps a 6mm would give me the extra magnification to bring more out? The moon was incredible last night also. I think that's excellent advice in the DSOs - at one point I looked with the naked eye and saw a couple of stars, used the finderscope and then the 25mm and saw a rich band of stars that was completely surprising. Really amazing, even though I'm not sure what I was looking at! Thanks again.
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