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Originally Posted by codemonkey View Post
Obviously not the same camera, but check out this post on CN demonstrating the impact of turning the fan on with the ASI178. Be very interesting to see if the 1600 is any better... if not, I'd probably have to pass.
suspect it is a complete red herring Lee. The test was done at 0.2 arcsec sampling and shows an almost perfect diffraction pattern, so it is based on an artificial star and is waaay magnified. A real test would be on a star through the atmposphere and I suspect that will show nothing measurable on DSO imaging - should be easy to do. Would be an issue for planetary imaging, if it is that bad, but you don't need cooling for planetary.

Any camera with a fan will have fan vibration to some degree - these are the only ones that allow it to be tested because they run fast enough to see it (at video rates) and you can turn off the fan.

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