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Motion activated cameras-anyone used these?


A mobile butcher called in today,with some off cuts of lamb I asked him for some ages ago,so I could use them on a dingo set.I had very little time today for such things,but took them and did the set.He also had this gadget called a motion activated camera.I have heard a bit about these,and seen the images-certainly interesting,the butcher use it on his sets,and caught a thief pinching his traps,he got them back and police sorted it-so they look handy.

He gave it to me to use,and told me how to turn on,and how he had it timed.Unfortunately I took the batteries out and put a fresh set in,I turn it on and 4 bars come on,and I cannot get into menu,followed the instructions,on cover but no joy.Any thoughts would be good,the butcher has gone away,so cannot ask him.Maybe taking the batteries out-its 'memory' has been affected?

I'll post some images of it and what the screen has on it,its a 'tasco' cost $145,apparently an up market one can be bought that sends images back to home?-not sure if that's right.

Maybe there is someone here that is knowledge about these for general use.
They seem handy on farms,bee keeping,"trail cams" etc.I hope to get this one going,and get some demonstration pics out of this,I have use of it till Thursday.

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