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Originally Posted by markas View Post
Very well rendered - I like the colour and the detail is great. I guess you are binning x 2?

Thanks Mark. Yes, this is binned 2 x 2, both L and colour. I haven't really settled on the optimum way to do things: no bin, no bin L but bin colour. There doesn't really seem much difference.

Originally Posted by PKay View Post
Nice work Geoff.

Well done
Thanks Peter

Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Very nice result Geoff and yes, picking up that galactic bridge is a bonus and an intriguing feature

Joe mentioned Wiruna had some good conditions this New Moon..?

Thanks Mike. The bridge really needs a deeper exposure. Have a look here
Wiruna had good transparency between a few annoying cloud covers, which usually passed over well within an hour. Seeing was OK but not spectacular--low 2's

Originally Posted by Ryderscope View Post
A wonderful basket of galaxies Geoff. A great result indeed
Cheers Rodney
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