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Hi Mark and Martin,

Thanks for your replies.

I spent some time this evening with the mount connected to my Mac via a USB cable to the SynScan controller in PC-Direct mode. After a lot of messing around I was able to successfully control the mount (configured as an EQ-MOD mount) via Kstars and Ekos.

I had a great time slewing the mount to various stellar objects with a click of the mouse...

For what it's worth, when connected to the Mac, the SynScan reported itself as a USB-Serial adaptor. The same as you would see if you plugged in any USB serial adaptor.

I was also able to control my DLSR through Ekos, and managed a fake polar alignment (using the CCD Simulator). Not a bad night's effort, I think.

However, if PC-Direct is not the supported method of connecting a computer to the mount, then I'll have to add an EQDirect cable to the shopping list.

Cheers all,
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