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Well depth


The 2600 MC has an advertised well depth of 50,000 -e, while the 1600 MC has 20,000 MC. However the recommended unity gain for the 1600 MC is 139 where the well depth drops to around 3,000 -e. The 2600 MC has well depths of 50,000 -e at gain 0 and 20,000 -e at gain 100.

I run my 1600 MC at the recommended gain of 139, should I go much lower to increase well depth or will it just increase the length of subs I have to take?

Also for people with the 2600 MC do they run the gain at 0 or 100 when doing DSO unfiltered shots?

Specs for ZWO 2600 MC

Specs for ZWO 1600 MC
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