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You are welcome and I hope it works out . I have passed on your thanks.

Maleny is a place seemingly full of people making interesting things and playing instruments. Must be some telescope makers up there.

Originally Posted by pmrid View Post
That's one up for local knowledge! It looks good enough on Google Maps to warrant another trip up the mountain.

I've been worrying over the SkySafari projections for those few days and it'll be a tricky business to image. The long twilight will be the problem of course. It seems that by the time there is sufficient dark for imaging, the planets will be so low in the west that image quality will be compromised by atmospheric distortions and horizon haze. It'll be touch and go and even a small shrub in the wrong place could present a major obstacle.

Still, the result will be worth the effort if I can get it.

Please thank your friend, Ray and allow me to thank you also.

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