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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
I think that filter band shape is not such a big deal on most objects - after all, DSLRs can produce wonderful colour images of all sorts of scenes and yet their Bayer filters generally have really poorly defined bandshapes when compared to the interference filters that we use for LRGB imaging. What software/settings do you use for stretching?
hi Ray,

I use Maxim for stacking and startools for stretching and post processing.
Maxim has the option of CIELAB or RGB or HSL when combining LRGB.
I occasionally use CCDStack, results are very similar.
I haven't explored options in startools yet, might have to ask Ivo about how to maintain star colour during processing.

I've uploaded an unprocessed, uncalibrated 5min bin1x1 B sub here
are you able to check if the stars have typical values.

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