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Additions to a 10inch auto tracking dob

Hello all,
Im lucky enough to have Santa bringing me a collapsible 10inch Skywatcher auto tracking dob for my first scope.

My question is that i've also got an extra $300 or so to spend on it and would like to know what would be the best thing to buy straight away to improve this particular scope setup.

Should i be getting extra EP's or a barlow, or maybe a right angle attachment for the finderscope, or go straight to a telrad???

I realize i'm probly being a bit greedy and will be blown away with the stock setup straight out of the box anyway, but surely it cant hurt trying to get even better views and use out of the scope straight away, can it...?

Also can anyone give me their personal views on this type of dob, e.g. ease of use, does it stay steady enough while tracking for photography etc?

your help is very much appreciated.

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